Hey, Guys … How’s Your Prostate?

So, my 72 year old dad recently found out he has prostate cancer. This post has two purposes.

First, please pray for him. Surgery will be in a few weeks. He is upbeat, and completely confident that he will be just fine.

Second, they caught it very early. The reason they caught it is because my dad consistently takes care of his health. He eats right, exercises daily, and goes to the doctor. His cancer cells are the aggressive kind, and had he not stayed on top of his routine doctor appointments, we’d be looking at a much different scenario.

So, men … take care of yourselves. There’s nothing masculine about being too “tough” to go to the stinkin’ doctor. (It actually has the opposite effect, and makes you all look like a big weenies. )

If you’re responsible for taking care of others — spouse, children, grandchildren, aging parents, etc. — you absolutely must take care of yourselves.

Our show endorses USMD Prostate Cancer Center. Click HERE to contact them.



2 thoughts on “Hey, Guys … How’s Your Prostate?

  1. One of the finest, strongest men I’ve known and my prayers are with him. You’re right that catching prostate cancer early is a very important factor in assuring a good outcome and he’s done that. I have a friend that went through this exact same scenario last spring and is now cancer free with only periodic follow up tests ongoing.

  2. Beverly Coplen says:

    Prayers for your Dad and all the family. So glad they caught it early, he’ll do great as he had a great example in your Mom. Hugs, Prayers & Love to all.

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