Mike Rowe for President

mike rowe
I’m a huge fan of Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, and, more important, the man behind Mike Rowe Works — an innovative foundation that seeks to close the skills gap by encouraging folks to pursue blue-collar trades. From raising awareness, to providing scholarships for young people who have “illustrated both an interest and an aptitude around mastering a specific trade,” this man is truly on a mission to offer solutions to our country’s employment woes, as well as our crumbling infrastructure.(I am absolutely going to book this man on the Mark Davis Show, but he’s very difficult to track down!)

His latest Facebook post was nothing short of perfection, and I wanted to share it. After you read this, take a few minutes to click the following links and learn more about this man and why I say that I would, absolutely — like, tomorrow — support a Presidential run. (He claims no party affiliation, but he is definitely conservative on many issues.)

Profoundly Disconnected.
Watch his testimony on Capitol Hill.
Listen to him read the phone book (seriously).

Now for that Facebook post …

Shannon K. Walsh wrote, “Mike – How could you associate with such a horrible and psychotic person that is Glen Beck? I wouldn’t accept a dime off that hateful, nasty racist. Very disappointed to see this post.”

Well, hi there, Shannon – and a pleasant good morning to you too!

If you want a detailed answer to your question, please take a moment to read my earlier reply to Bob Reidel, another crestfallen soul who couldn’t reconcile my association with a TV host that he personally despised. As you read it (out loud, if possible, and in a public place), kindly replace the words “Bob Reidel” with “Shannon K. Walsh,” and “Bill Maher” with “Glenn Beck.” But prepare yourself – you might be forced to conclude that my true objective here has little to do with winning or losing your approval.

It’s here: http://on.fb.me/1a8LsPL

As for your personal characterization of Glenn Beck, I can only assume you have information not available to me. In my time with him, I saw nothing “horrible, psychotic, hateful, or nasty.” I smelled no burning sulphur, no smoldering brimstone, and saw no sign of cloven hooves.

To the contrary, I found a very passionate guy who employs about 300 people, works his butt off, and puts his money where his mouth is. Do we agree on everything? Of course not. Am I “disappointed” by that fact? Not at all. The real question, Shannon, is … why are you?

To be clear, I’m not here to tell you what to think or whom to hate. Like everyone else, you’re free to pick your devils, choose your angels, and attach the horns and halos accordingly.

But the guts of your question – even without all the name-calling and acrimony – reveal the essence of what’s broken in our country. You want to know “how I can associate” with someone you don’t like? The short answer is, how can I not? How are we ever going to accomplish anything in this incredibly divisive time if we associate only with people that we don’t disagree with?


PS. Not only did Glenn hand me a check for $25,000 made out to the mikeroweWORKS scholarship fund, he invited me to shoot a few PSAs on his set and offered to air them on his network for free. You know how many other networks have offered to do that? Not one. In addition, his viewers have purchased hundreds and hundreds of Work Smart AND Hard posters. I’m already getting photos of them hanging in high schools across the country. Glenn also signed one, and took some artistic license on my face. Which made me laugh. We’ll auction that off on a future episode of C.R.A.P., and my guess is we’ll raise a pretty penny.

PPS Penn Jillette is an avowed atheist. Glenn Beck is a deeply religious Christian. They disagree on a lot, but speak often on Glenn’s show, and have some of the most respectful and interesting exchanges on television today. Here’s an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZnE1XEv0xU

I’ve been on every network over the years, more than once, and I’ll promise you this – if you want the potential for a thoughtful exchange that’s not crammed into a five-minute segment, your options are limited.

Real Time is one possibility. Glenn Beck is another. I’m glad to have done both.


Hey, Guys … How’s Your Prostate?

So, my 72 year old dad recently found out he has prostate cancer. This post has two purposes.

First, please pray for him. Surgery will be in a few weeks. He is upbeat, and completely confident that he will be just fine.

Second, they caught it very early. The reason they caught it is because my dad consistently takes care of his health. He eats right, exercises daily, and goes to the doctor. His cancer cells are the aggressive kind, and had he not stayed on top of his routine doctor appointments, we’d be looking at a much different scenario.

So, men … take care of yourselves. There’s nothing masculine about being too “tough” to go to the stinkin’ doctor. (It actually has the opposite effect, and makes you all look like a big weenies. )

If you’re responsible for taking care of others — spouse, children, grandchildren, aging parents, etc. — you absolutely must take care of yourselves.

Our show endorses USMD Prostate Cancer Center. Click HERE to contact them.