Milking this Topic ( . )( . )

BreastfeedingBig breastfeeding show today!

Mark and I had a little on-air duel today (click here for audio) over a topic that, quite honestly, should never be the stuff of controversy. But, since it always does seem to get folks’ bras in a wad,  we were flooded with calls, tweets, and emails — primarily from men (which is entirely different talk show topic) — containing passionate opinions.

The best email I received all morning was from a listener named Linda. It perfectly summed up my feelings on this matter (we actually shared it on air) and I wanted to post it here for everyone’s consumption.


I’ve been listening this morning, and I’ll say what I’ve heard you say a dozen times already: “I love you man, but…” You’re speaking from a lack of experience.

Until you’ve held a sweaty, 15 pound heater on your lap to nurse him for 20 minutes or so on a hot Texas day, you don’t realize how oppressive even those “little flimsy blankets” you referred to earlier really can be. You haven’t held a squirmy breast feeder who freaks out every time anything (like a light blanket) comes near her face and struggles to push it away while simultaneously letting go of your nipple (and exposing you) as she starts to scream in fear (thus drawing attention to you). Nor have you had to choose between nursing your baby at a public playground while you supervise your three and five year-old children at play, rather than wrestle them back to the car to wait patiently (???) while you run the motor for 20 minutes or so at $4 a gallon and nurse the baby in private. Children are not always issued in single-dose packaging, they are often reared in packs.

I agree that a nursing mother should be as considerate of others around her as she hopes others will be of her and her baby’s situation. Honestly, the reasonable person who sees a guy wander off to some bushes to relieve himself is going to look away, just as they should if they see a sleep-deprived mother attempting to nurse a baby in a less-than ideal circumstance.

Society needs to take a chill pill about this, period. Every adult criticizing how others accomplish the feeding and nurture of their children needs to remember their own mother who had to do her best to feed and nurture them at one time also.


A loyal, conservative listener, who has spent roughly 5 years of her life (total) breastfeeding her children in a warm climate.


7 thoughts on “Milking this Topic ( . )( . )

  1. if anyone over the age of 12 actually took time out of their day, picked up the phone, waited on hold and then complained about public breastfeeding makes them feel uncomfortable? … well, wow. Just wow.

  2. Ed Braddock says:

    Yeah , Susan , that pretty much sums it up . Be as discrete as reasonably possible and do what is needed . While my kids were ok with the blanket , others are not . While the breastfeeding mom in ” Grown Ups ” was a bit over the top , this is another discussion entirely. A baby at the breast should be much less open to condemnation than say , some guy walking down the street , with his pants slung under his butt . Just look away and deal . Luv ya , Ed

  3. stevealcorn says:

    I miss seeing your Facebook comments now that you’ve changed formats. You also present the situation in a fair and reasonable manner, even if your opinion is different than others. Sometimes people spend too much worrying about how to react to what other people do, and then worrying about how their reaction will be perceived, while condemning all the others around them that don’t automatically agree with them. This must have been an interesting change of pace for the radio show, and brought out some first time callers?

  4. Hi Mark:

    If you support breastfeeding – you have to support it in public too. As a Christian woman, I do breastfeed, in public, uncovered at my church – ICK! Ummm….no. God made our breasts, believe it or not, to feed our children (shocker, right?). If that woman who wrote in saying that she was “distracted” by that woman breastfeeding in church…she can kindly move to the next pew and focus on the sermon. That’s her choice to be distracted and not the intention of the mother feeding her baby. Our society has sexualized breasts. Take a look at my post:

    If I walked around Texas in my bikini I would be accepted and probably encouraged to do so, by men at least. If I sat down to breastfeed my baby, I’m shamed by people with opinions like you. I show WAY more skin in my bikini vs. feeding my baby.

    The simple fact of the matter is:it’s a baby eating. When mothers choose to cover up and be “discreet”, it is for their comfort – for no one else’s. Truly think about it – would YOU like do eat with a blanket over your head? Would you like to be encouraged to go to your car, or worse – the bathroom to eat all of your meals? It’s just a baby eating.

    Mark, you have NEVER and nor will ever breastfeed baby. You cannot simply understand that you can get baby fed without exposing any nipple. Yup, I said the N word. And if a mother does expose her nipple for a few seconds? Whatever! It’s for the betterment of her BABY! It’s for the survival, the nourishment of her baby. Again I reiterate – it’s just. a. baby. EATING! Baby’s have very big heads, its very easy to have a baby latch on and off without “exposing” yourself, it can be done. I do it every day.

    I agree with the listener who wrote in – it feels like an oppressive act to cover up your baby while they are eating and it’s completely unnecessary. It’s just a baby eating.

  5. Mark Girard says:

    Susan, folks need to grow up, I have been married twice, father and stepfather to a total of 10 kids ranging from 7 years old to 30 years old. Breastfeed is great for the baby and reduces the mothers potential risk for breast cancer. They all pretty much look the same, varied size but basically the same… If you can’t handle nature then those folks need to rethink their maturity level. Its natural and its healthy, get over it folks.

  6. When is the ‘Nurse-In’ and is it open to the public?
    But seriously, I think you summed it up early in the convo with Mark…. It is a private thing, imo.
    The church situation: Maybe there is a room in the back?!?!?!?!
    I think the pro ‘public breast feeding’ people have turned somewhat militant about this…. Like they think we(the public) should be forced to accept it…. And maybe this turns more people off than the actual act itself
    I DO understand that blanket over the kid’s face thing though.
    For the record: I am fine with it when done naturally…. . But when we have these ‘nurse-ins’ I think that we paint the issue as taboo that someone wants to make the public change their perceptions about…… . Instead of painting it as ‘not taboo’.
    Did that make sense?

    “Keep their mouth on your boob”…. LOL

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