A Tale of Two Speakers

Help me with something …

Tim Tebow has canceled an upcoming appearance at First Baptist Dallas — a church led by Dr. Robert Jeffress, whose sermons give occasional cause for controversy. Tebow is a Christian, a football player, and a media figure who clearly doesn’t want to further deal with the concerns surrounding the perceived intolerance of the First Dallas. Would he have — and has he already — experienced personal and professional backlash for agreeing to this appearance in the first place? You bet. Would his participation have signaled that he, too, believes everything taught by Dr. Jeffress? Absolutely not. The only message sent would have been whatever message Tebow planned to present — and that message would have been entirely up to him.

I’m speaking on Monday, February 25 to the Metroplex Republicans — the Dallas affiliate of GOProud which is a national political organization representing gay conservatives.  I am a Christian, a conservative talk radio producer, a (Baptist!) worship leader, and self-proclaimed chief among sinners who, without God’s grace, is nothing. Do I expect to — and have I already — received personal and professional backlash for agreeing to this appearance in the first place? You bet. Does my participation signal that I, too, believe everything promoted by GOProud and the Metroplex Republicans? Absolutely not. The only message my participation will send will be the message I plan to present — and that message will be entirely up to me.

Please tell me what I’m missing.