2013: Read. Sleep. Serve.

I’m keeping my resolutions simple this year:

Read — If doing three consecutive days of three-hour solo radio taught me anything, it’s that depth of knowledge is the key to success. I need to read more, and not just political websites and blogs — actual books … (well, eBooks).

Sleep — I just don’t do it enough, and it’s killing me. I should probably be specific about the number of hours I’ll shoot for, but for now, I’ll just say that I’m going to do it more.

Serve — I want to give more of my time and treasure. Several occasions in 2012 revealed to me my selfish human nature — amplified by various opportunities I had to engage folks who embody the servant’s heart. Simply put: I want to bless.

Oh, and I have to throw in this one, though it’s not too profound:

Embrace my height — I’m, like, 5’5.3333334″. Not exactly short. So why have I been walking around on stilts 24/7? It’s just ridiculous. And I’m tired of my feet hurting. I’ll wear heels when appropriate, but the days of doing it daily — are over.


4 thoughts on “2013: Read. Sleep. Serve.

  1. Ed Braddock says:

    SO glad you are going to be taking better care of yourself and accepting yourself as you are . You are welcome to peruse my library and borrow what you want . Your feet may require a fair bit of stretching and exercise , to recover from the years of ” stilts ” , but it WILL get better . When your feet hurt , ALL of you is miserable . Yes , doing for others blesses us even more than them . I come to this certainty more and more , as I get older . Blessings on you and yours !

  2. Let;s see:Read more——-check
    Sleep more———check
    Serve better———check
    Embrace Height—–dunno

    The only suggestion I can offer on any of the above is the “read” item. I recommend the books written by President Bush and Dick Cheney. Admiitedly they were cleaned up just a tad by whoever was ghosting for them but I got a much better feeling of how DC works (or doesn’t work) by reading them. So if you haven’t already done so then I suggest you start your reading drill at that spot.

  3. Good for you! Depth will certainly make you stand our in this age of sound bites. The key is to not let the constant flow of information action drown you. I love you goal to read actual books. Seek variety and throw in something just for fun from time to time…I need to do that. I have a huge pile of books next to the bed on all sorts of topics…then when you read them you get inspired…should result in great posts and shows!

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