Regarding Costas…

Conservatives who say we don’t have a gun problem are missing an opportunity to lead. Costas

Recent anti-gun remarks from Bob Costas have conservatives up in arms about their arms, and rightfully so. I don’t appreciate a sportscaster — even a thoughtful, well loved one such as Costas – to interrupt my happy football time with a politically toned rant. I like to think I’d be similarly irked had Costas’ rant have reflected the opposite position.

Folks love their guns. I understand that. I love my guns, too. And while I’ve expressed concerns about the availability of certain high-powered firearms, I do consider myself to be solid on the Second Amendment.

But, to quote Eddie Izzard (yes, I’m serious), “Guns don’t kill people, people do … but, I think the gun helps.”

Recent US Census data shows us how guns have “helped” in roughly 2/3rds of homicides, with stabbing in a distant second place at 13%. This is something that rational, life-loving people cannot ignore and must address.

At the expense of liberty? Certainly not. But when our Founders cited our unalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence, life preceded liberty.

Likewise, our priorities should fall in step with this thoughtful order.

Taking on issues in government typically translates to more legislation or regulation, and big government solutions seldom address the root of the problem at hand or result in true progress (which is why I’ve always found the label “progressive” to be disingenuous). But leaders can lead without legislating, and unfortunately, just as liberals are prone to take the easy route by passing more and more ineffective law, conservatives often lazily mention the Constitution and then sweep aside the tough issues.

In a broken world full of fallible people, pointing to the Constitution is no more effective than the parent who consistently tells their child, “Because I said so.” You may temporarily alter behavior, but you haven’t addressed its root cause … so don’t be surprised when it resurfaces.

Do I have the answers to our country’s gun problem? Of course, not. But we do, indeed, have a problem. And true progress on matters such as these requires great effort — and yes, funding. Just as exercise and nutritional education has proven to be instrumental in warding off obesity and countless other related health problems, more support for strategic efforts to deter gun violence — such as Project Safe Neighborhoods  — as well as coordinated local efforts, is key.

As we prepare to slash budgets — an activity for which I salivate in anticipation — I pray we resist urges to refer to such programs as “wasteful spending.”

And let’s also think beyond what we can do collectively, and consider individual opportunities to affect lives. Mentoring programs, inner-city ministry, keeping a close eye on our friends and neighbors in times of emotional or mental distress – they’re all good places to start.

These may be thankless efforts, void of the accolades and pageantry that surround the signing of a gargantuan crime bill, and the fruits of which will not be immediately recognized, but if we as conservatives are to follow the direction of our Founders – and of our God — it’s paramount.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Regarding Costas…

  1. Ed Braddock says:

    Susan , let me preface this with : I DEARLY love you , but , you used a term here that just makes my ears bleed . It is ” gun violence “. This is a term leftists have used and it is a lie and I will explain why . Sould a criminal assault you with a gun , during a robbery/rape/home invasion , etc. , this is considered a count of ” gun violence “. Should you DEFEND yourself or your family , from these or other crimes , using a gun , even should you never fire it , this too , will be counted as an episode of gun violence , among the leftists tallying the statistics . A gun is a great equalizer and allows people of smaller stature to fend off those who are stronger . It IS a very effient tool and can readily be put to missuse . Even with this misuse , guns save more lives than they take and stop more crimes than they are used to commit . Generally a bullit causes more trauma than a stab wound . One of the most efficient killing tools was the Gladius Iberious ( ” The Romans make a dessert and call it peace” ) , but you needed training and strength to use it well and the bigger , stronger person , other things being equal , usually won . This issue is about the right to defend oneself and home , rather than be dependant on the government to do so . ” When seconds count , the police are only moments away .” is a trueism , but still true . Overall , when gun ownership goes down violent crime goes up and the converse is true . I SO hope you have your CHL and carry . I know this is a bit disjointed and that we largely agree and hope you can understand this better than I have written it .

  2. cmurray says:

    What is missing from the statistics is how many of the gun crimes were committed using “illegal” guns and/or were committed by individuals who by their mere possession of a firearm were already breaking the law?
    For example… How many of the guns used in these crimes were stolen/black market weapons already illegal to possess? How many incidents involved a perpetrator who was a minor, repeat criminal or were otherwise already banned from legally owning or possessing a firearm? Those that are already operating outside of the law will continue to do so no matter how many new laws are added to the books.
    As conservatives, we should become the Gun Law Champions! We should be leading the charge for more aggressive enforcement of existing gun laws thereby working to silence the juvenile vilification of an inanimate object.

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