Show Prep for My Guest Hosting Gig

I’ll be sitting in for Mark Davis December 26-28, and while it’s difficult to do a lot of preparation for a show that centers around current events, I’ve decided to go ahead and knock out as much as I can. The days leading up to my time behind the microphone will be full of holiday festivities, so it just made sense to tackle it now.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve put together (so far) for day one. I hope everyone tunes in — it’s going to be spectacular!

(click to enlarge)


5 thoughts on “Show Prep for My Guest Hosting Gig

  1. Ed Braddock says:

    Surely , you need to check into Bill’s educational background and whether you can get a correspondence degree there . Are there any homes in his neighborhood for sale , and why they cost more , the closer to his addrress they are . His next scheduled trip to the Dallas area and where he plans on staying .

  2. Lance Erickson says:

    “Your Honor…in consideration of our pending application for a restraining order, please review exhibit A”
    How about for the 9 AM hour–“Top ten reasons Bill Kristol is better than Billy Crystal”.

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