Football Fanaticism Flashback

Watching the outstanding performance of Randy Moss last night had me reminiscing about his days in Minnesota.

When Dallas passed on Moss, I told my husband that wherever he went, I would follow. When the Vikes drafted him, my husband said, “You’ll love the regular season, but the playoffs will suck because Denny Green can’t get it done.”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever.” (But his words would come back to haunt me.)

The 2001 NFC Championship game almost killed me as the Giants delivered a 41-0 blow.  I sat at a Super Bowl party that year — stunned. I couldn’t focus on the game. All I could think about were my boys.

I found a quiet corner and wrote the following poem.

It’s worth noting that this was the LAST year that I allowed sports to dominate my mood (and life). I take a much more measured approach these days — (unless it has to do with Tim Duncan at which point I become unrestrainable).


Another day, another year,

Another Super Bowl draws near,

And so I shed a single tear,

For my Minnesota Vikings.


For three years now, the chances were strong,

Why does it always go so wrong,

For this team whom my heart belongs?

The Minnesota Vikings.


Was it the youth of my sweet Daunte?

Or was it just not Carter’s day?

How did the Giants shut down every play?

Of my Minnesota Vikings?


I know that Moss can’t be to blame,

’cause he’s the best one in the game,

But in the end he hung his head in shame,

Of the Minnesota Vikings.


Some say it’s the quarterback,

You see, Daunte Culpepper is black,

They say you just can’t win like that,

Oh, my poor Minnesota Vikings.

Note: I know Doug Williams did it in 88.


Some say it’s the secondary,

That makes the great team play like fairies,

And unrivaled offense, alone, cannot carry,

Even the Minnesota Vikings.


So, Denny … would you help us, please?

And grab a couple new DB’s?

So rings will come with relative ease,

To my Minnesota Vikings?


Alas, another season has ended,

And for the third time I have defended,

This team to whom my heart I’ve lended,

The Minnesota Vikings.

I know that “lended” is not a word … but it had to rhyme.


One thought on “Football Fanaticism Flashback

  1. Ron Mitchell Jr. says:

    Oh, I know your pain so well! I get my hopes up every year (with the exception of last season, which I figured would be a 6-10 finish at best) only to be let down every single time.

    But the Vikings are on the right track and I think that 2013 will be the year of the Viking! 🙂

    P. S. I wouldn’t mind seeing them sign Moss one last time. I’m still pissed at Childress for letting him go in 2010!

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