BILL! I love you so … I always will

… but you got it wrong this time.

UPDATE: Bill did, indeed, read this blog, and he made mention of it when he joined us for a Mark Davis Show appearance.
CLICK HERE to listen.

Let me begin by stipulating that no one loves you more than I. My Twitter profile clearly states that I have an “unhealthy obsession” with you, so don’t, not even for a moment, allow yourself to believe that my political love affair with you is over. As I told you a couple of years ago, you are my Elvis … and always will be.

I’ve only disagreed with you on one major issue, and that was on the qualifications of Sarah Palin. You dug her, and I remain horrified to this day. On everything else, we have remained beautifully aligned.

That is, until now.  The release of the “scandalous” Romney tape has created a bit of a hiccup for us.

My problem with your latest column is that Romney made these comments in May. Why chastise him for them now? Wasn’t it you who noted in August that the Ryan VP pick had essentially redefined the campaign?

You wrote, “The selection has changed the nature of the 2012 presidential contest. It means we now have a big campaign, about big issues and big choices.”

I agree. So why even look back? As the President’s own campaign so relentlessly suggests …. FORWARD!

I’m perfectly comfortable with criticizing fellow Republicans … even our presidential nominee. Like you, I don’t fall in line and never have. But the latest commentary from the right — with you at the helm — has given credibility to the left’s hysteria over a dated, sloppy line delivered in a relaxed moment.

Was it just a bad day? Do you miss hearing my friendly voice on the other end of the phone when I call you for show appearances? I know, I know … I miss you, too. But please don’t let the frustration you feel from the distance between us allow you to fly off the handle and put things in print that you can’t take back.

(And now that you’ve said it, how’s about you go ahead and take it back? Lead the charge, and others will follow.)

I feel better now. I hope my honesty hasn’t damaged our relationship, and should it be the case that my words have brought tears to your eyes, remember the words of our song: I was on your side, Bill, when you were losing.

I’m still on your side, Bill. You’ll always be my guy. (Now please, lift the restraining order.)


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