Loving Them from Afar … Just Like Jesus Did

I have very clear memories of sitting on the living room floor as a child and playing with my various homemaker-training toys while my very devout mother consumed her daily diet of the 700 Club. I never thought much of it. I enjoyed it, actually. Compelling stories about our great, great God. Cool co-hosts. Remember Ben Kinchlow? Probably my first crush on a black guy. I mean, he’s no Carl Weathers, but to a 6 or 7-year-old he had a certain element of class that appealed to me.

Apollo Creed running on the beach. I’m distracted now.

Back on topic …

Pat Robertson hasn’t always been wheels-off crazy. I’m certain of this. Controversial, sure, but anyone who takes hardline positions is considered to be. A few years ago his commentary became troubling as he prophesied over various tragedies — from Hurricanes hitting Orlando as a consequence of Disney’s “gay day,” to earthquakes killing thousands in Haiti because of the Haitian “pact with the Devil.” These comments aren’t necessarily inconsistent with the teachings in the Bible, but his delivery always seemed insensitive and ill-timed. That was the problem. (Remember all that love stuff Jesus talked about? Yeah, Jesus meant that.)

But, some people simply lack discretion. I get it. And as someone who has needed plenty of grace in this area, I’m more than capable of giving it … and I do.

Unfortunately, Robertson has now moved from the reckless to the blasphemous.

The Bible is clear in James 1:27 that God considers “pure and faultless” religion to be two things, (just two):

  1. Look after orphans and widows in their distress
  2. Keep oneself from becoming polluted by the world.

Two things. Simple. (Well, not simple to do, but simple to understand.)

Segue to recent adoption-related comments made by Robertson in which he said,  “You don’t have to take on somebody else’s problems. You really don’t. You can help people – we minister to orphans all over the world …. but ….”

But? But what?

Never mind. Just watch. There’s no excuse for it, and this man just needs to retire:


7 thoughts on “Loving Them from Afar … Just Like Jesus Did

  1. Jonathon says:

    He’s off his rocker, as usual. Having said that, I don’t think there is anything fundamentally wrong with being hesitant to take on three daughters. One is scary enough for me!

  2. Ok so here is the deal…. this guy needs to retire. He is off his rocker and has been for sometime. He made an extreme comment about divorcing a spouse with Alzheimers a couple years back….

    This made me lose all respect for this man and his show. This guy is spewing false teaching and will be held accountable. He goes off feelings and not solid truth…..like it or not Pat….the Word of God is truth.

  3. Aaron says:

    He did come out and restate what he said. However, he’s solidified himself as completely off the wall and a liability. It would be one thing if all he had were a blog based out of his mom’s basement, but he speaks to millions of people. Like Robertson himself said, he is in trouble and he needs to move on.

    Here is another great response to Robertson’s comments from Russell Moore:

  4. Oh My gosh – first of all – his co host seemed to be cringing. second of all – how in the world did he answer the lady’s question? he basically told her “you’re screwed – and no man will ever want you and your ‘baggage'” HAHA. Ridiculous.

    I’m sure there are some guys that are not wanting to take on the responsibility of 3 kids but if it was true love, he probably would. it’s easy to just place blame on the fact you have 3 adopted kids when really, he didn’t like her much in the first place. God will bring her a man that has the same burdens to help children as she does … and that will be something her future husband might love the most about her.

    Every child deserves a family. Every child deserves love. Period.

  5. cowboy19 says:

    I am married and have adopted a son that has special needs, but I think his comments are in line with a single mom dating and men checking out after they find out that she has 3 adopted children. That would be a tall order for any man to step into and I don’t fault any man for walking away from that. The Bible is also clear about “counting the cost”. If any man could not love those children as their own then they need to walk away from a relationship that might lead to marriage. It’s not fair to the kids. They deserved to loved and feel like they belong to that family- not outsiders. Not everyone is called to adopt but there are other ways to support widows and orphans. See Stephen Curtis Chapman’s foundation and you can donate money to families that are called to adopted. Having said all that I agree with you that it may be time for him to retire.

  6. lancelot says:

    Possibly one of the most ignorant, rediculous comments I have ever heard. I worked at orphanages in Russia every week for a couple of years. I saw children plucked from the most deplorable conditions and given a chance to succeed where they would be individually loved. Did some of them have issues, sure- But so will my natural kids. Considering the history of many of the children, there are fewer deserving of a better life than them. I would have taken the whole lot of them home with me if I was able. I can think of few greater callings than taking on “someone elses problems(children)” if you have the capacity. These are not problems. They are children of God and we would be lucky to have the opportunity.

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