2011: Let’s Try Something New

I fail miserably with New Year’s resolutions. Life is hard enough without being beaten down with goals. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good challenge but . . . come on. Do I really have to explain myself?

The bottom line is this: I don’t believe in the “checklist” anymore.

What I do believe in is getting a little better everyday. When I look at my life, I see that it’s wrought with deficiencies. So void of what should be there, and so full of things that shouldn’t be.

So, here it comes: my new approach to 2011. Not goals that are necessarily measurable, rather, they are things that if I can improve upon, each one of them—even marginally—I will enter 2012 a much more complete vessel for the Lord to use for His perfect plan.

Listed next to each item is a person (or persons) in whom I see these qualities, and this is my way of thanking them for the inspiration and, more important, acknowledging these fruits that are so clearly revealed in their lives.


Less  pride — More love. (Kay Shelton, Jason & Holly Bollinger)

Less judgment — More grace. (Gibby Espinoza)

Less resistance — More obedience. (Mike Newton)

Less facade — More transparency. (Sean and Shari Walker, and Scott Sharman)

Less depression — More joy. (Catrina Marshall and Kari Lemons)

Less television — More scripture. (Morgan Bush)

Less chaos — More structure. (Brock DeWald)

Less frowning — More smiling. (Kristy Lessner)

Less sitting — More serving. (Gene and Brenda Longley, Kris Sporcic, and Kendra Cox)

Less frustration — More perseverance. (Tim Williams and Jen Gresak)

Less apathy — More passion. (Steven Powell)

Less normalcy — More creativity. (Scot Acklin)

Less stuff — More contentment. (my parents, David and Dilyne Williams)

Less harshness — More gentleness. (Phyllis Sharman)

and the most important . . .

Less of me — More of Him. (Darrel & Kim Auvenshine.)

“Lord, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to learn from the examples of these dear brothers and sisters, and thank You for so many, many more friends that I encounter every day. Thank you for teaching me this year that walking in Christ wasn’t meant to be done alone. Fellowship, accountability, trust, discipleship, mentoring . . . all are important in developing whole believers. Make me whole. Use me in 2011 like You never have before.”


3 thoughts on “2011: Let’s Try Something New

  1. Thank you, Susan. This is exactly how I feel about New Year’s “resolutions”, and there have been so many signs lately that point in the direction of “just be a better you”, “be true to yourself”, “live life with purpose”, etc. Thanks again…for a great sign. I have to say…it’s neat that you listed me as having “more joy.” My covenant in the Discovery! Spiritual program is to “JOYfully find inner peace daily.” 😉 Here’s to 2011 being the best year so far. I love you.

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